First post! (With a creative title)


Hi, my name is Allan and I'm a magician. That's me in the picture. That's what I look like. At least that's what I looked like two weeks ago. 

You don't need to know my life story, but you need to know that I am extremely passionate about magic. There will be a lot of magic in this blog. That's what the blog is about.

I got into magic as a 5 year old and never looked back. It's been a consistent passionate hobby ever since, and for the past several years it has also been my main source of income and my career. My job, if you will. 

I mostly perform at private events. Corporate, private parties, launch events, celebrations, dinner parties and so on. Occasionally I do ticketed shows, which I love. 

When I don't do magic I love traveling. I'm sure there will be something related to travel in this blog as well. I have an idea of what the blog will be about, but ultimately I have to know my audience that I am writing for. I'll get back to that in a little while. 



I've heard there was interest in me writing a blog for the longest time. Probably all the way back in 2008 or 2009, people wanted to hear about my thoughts on magic and whatnot. I thought it was extremely flattering at the time but rejected and dismissed the idea because I didn't have enough time (I was a student and I was working very heavily in the area of film production) - and I guess I also thought that I didn't really have anything to say. That has changed. 

For the past few years I've used Instagram as my medium and platform to share my thoughts on the magic scene. Besides being able to actually attend conventions and meet magicians in real life. But I sometimes have so much more to say, more than would fit into a little video description or an image caption. Which is why I feel it's about time that I write a blog. Some of the entries might be a little lengthy, but I will try very hard not to waste your time with nonsense. This first entry is just me explaining what I am trying to do with the blog and why it exists. 

First of all the blog is in English, whereas the rest of my website is not.. yet. This is primarily because the audience that would be most interested in reading the blog don't speak Norwegian, and the audience that would be most interested in hiring me for a show do speak Norwegian. I will sort the language thing out eventually and offer an English-language version of my website in time. Until then I trust that you will find your way around it with no major difficulties.

Mostly I will write about magic. I've made that much clear already. I will post performance videos, of me performing a piece, either for the camera or for an audience. None of that webcam nonsense, I will do it properly like I always do. I will share some thoughts on that particular video and piece, and maybe try to explain my process and thinking behind both the magic, the performance and the video itself. 

This leads us to the next thing, there will be a lot of theory here. Performance theory, theory of sleight of hand, psychology in magic and other areas in which I think I know what I am talking about and where I have something to say. Sometimes I might talk about playing cards. Sometimes I might talk about the business side of things. There is not one, single defined audience, because some of the posts will be targeted a wider audience (non-magicians if you will) and some of the posts will be targeted specifically to magicians. 

You won't find any secrets here, and hardly any information you can make sense of out of context and discussed in the way that I want to discuss it. I might use acronyms and codes to discuss certain things, but for the most part I will try to refrain from discussing methods and sensitive subjects publicly, as I don't think it's a good idea. 

Maybe in the future I will do password protected posts, to ensure that only those in the know will have access. I don't know. We will see. 

Other than all of the above, there will probably be the occasional life post,  and maybe I'll share something from the Internet I think is worth watching..


That's pretty much it. Now you know who I am (as if you didn't already), what I do and what I want to share and write about. Now it's time for you, the audience, to tell me what you would want to read. There is a comments section below. I trust that you will put it to good use and let me know what sort of things you would want to read about in the blog. It would be highly appreciated! 

Thanks for reading this far. 

On to the next post,