COMPLETING THE HAND - instructional video, exclusively for customers purchasing my new book SERENDIPITY affected by the printing/delivery delays: 


Boring disclaimer:
This goes without saying - but I thought I ought to mention it anyway. This video (and this page) is ONLY meant for those of you that received an email from me in response to your purchase of SERENDIPITY.

Please do NOT share the link or the video with anyone else - even if they claim to have purchased the book. This link is for you only. 

If I discover that the link has been shared outside those that received the email (which would quickly become apparent with individual click tracking and referral logs between the email and this page) - you will be ruining the fun for everyone else, as I will be forced to take the video down and refrain from sharing more treats like this in the future. 

The magic community is built on trust. I trust you to keep this to yourself. Thank you.