SERENDIPITY (Digital version)

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SERENDIPITY (Digital version)


PLEASE NOTE: This the digital e-Book version of Serendipity. You will receive a PDF download per email. Your download link expires 24 hours after you download it for the first time.

is about creating a strong and memorable magical experience outside of a formal show setting.

Written with the serious student of magic in mind, SERENDIPITY is not a book for beginners. It is intended for the advanced and experienced card workers and performers who appreciate the value of applying theory and multiple layers of psychological principles to enhance the magical atmosphere.

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Contains three full-length performance pieces described in excruciating detail, as well as three essays on different aspects of performance theory: 

Formal Vs. Informal
An essay outlining the pros and cons of performing outside of formal shows,  and how to find the approach that works for you.

In which you display your incredible ability to locate the four Aces at any time from a spectator-shuffled deck of cards.

Flexible Methods
Discussing how you design effects to become modular and suit your performing conditions. As you will learn, this can greatly enhance the magical atmosphere and make the magic much stronger.

In which a card trick unexpectedly turns into an unbelievable experience for a spectator, involving a piece of very personal information.

Make It Count
A final essay in which I share my approach to making informal magic precious, special, unique and memorable. How to take control of the situation and make your audience feel the same amount of wonder and respect they would have felt if they saw you perform 'for real'. 

An alternative approach to the infamous Any Card At Any Number plot, where the goal was to make it seem like it was absolutely real. And for all you know, it is. 

The pieces are described with numerous additional/optional methods, presentational suggestions and recommended reading to improve the effects. Several high-quality color photographs aid the descriptions. 

The book does require considerable prerequisites, but any advanced card worker should be familiar with most, if not all of these techniques.

In addition to what is outlined above, the book contains some of my secrets that I have kept to myself for years and never shared with magicians. Included, amongst other things is my work on personal marking systems, strategies and subtleties for memorized deck magic, designing your material to withstand the scrutiny of TV/video, and much, much more.

I almost can't believe that I am sharing all of this - but that is also reflected in the pricing of the book, as well as the very limited print run. I wish to keep it away from the merely curious, and my hope is that everyone who buys it are performers who are serious students of magic that wish to take their card magic to a point where it can truly move someone and leave them with an experience they will never forget.

I feel that this is the path to real magic.